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DO NOT USE Live Chat for Tech Support Issues!

darthpanda16darthpanda16 Posts: 9,471 Arc User
edited July 2009 in Support Desk
DO NOT USE Live Chat for Tech Support Issues!

When you try to ask Customer Support, Billing, etc; questions on tech support, THEY CAN NOT ANSWER THEM.

They will refer you to submit a ticket to Tech Support.

Customer Support and Live Chat is to help you with gameplay, billing and in-game issues ONLY.

What you wind up doing is slowing down the reps for the players who need immediate IN-GAME or BILLING help. It makes it 200% more time consuming by you asking for something that takes a considerate amount of time to review and research your issue (like tech support issues), review your log files for your computers and writing back and forth finding out info from you so maybe we can see what is wrong.

Tech support issues will not be answered by LIVE CHAT.

So please don't try to cheat the system, and be patient once you have submitted your ticket.


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