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Charge Rewards/Star Points System

fuseekaymefuseekayme Posts: 31 Arc User
It's been awhile since pwi has done a nebula dust sale on boutique, seems they also stopped putting the Star Point 3 nebula orbs on it. Any chance we can get one in the next promo? Also since trials don't give out things for leveling your chart to 50 anymore by any chance we can those those maybe in ibu rewards/nw tokens (make them untradable should be a good thing) becuase mine has been level 45 since they day i came back 2 months ago and it's still the same level. Only way i get exp on it now is through the charge rewards points which is really not worth getting a bunch of unless the points used on it gets really low. The chiv points are not worth using on those since you need like 2 for the lowest 1 that gives like 1 exp. Too many expansions have happened yet the charge rewards points have stayed the same...Maybe change the mounts once in a while, add new things such as the nr chart items. Should at least change some things
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