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G17 Armor Moonlight-Crystal Skills

nklemm1#8434 nklemm1 Posts: 19 Arc User
edited April 2021 in General Discussion
Hey, Hey,

i want to ask if there is a possibility that the Skills from Moonlight-Crystals not get removed from the Skill-Bar when you switch the Armor to DEF / back to Attack?

I always have the Issue that i have to open the Skill-Overview then to use my Immunities, and the Immunities normally needed immediatly.

So, in Attack Mode i have 2 Crystal-Skills (Elemental Immune + Immune for Movement Control). When i swap to Defense Armor, the Skills get removed from my Skillbar.

Perhaps there is any possibility that the Skills are still in the Skillbar, when you change the Armor, then even not usable for example as long you dont have the Armorpiece in use, where the Crystals are in.


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