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Making the Game Popular Again in 2021 - AVENGER FASHION

Hello GM's,

I chatted GM Ovric about AVENGER FASHION suggestion, and he said to me to post it here. I am a youtube content creator and i would like to suggest to the Game Design Department to make a Avenger Fashion like Spiderman, Ironman, Hulk (for Barbarian), Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Black Panther Etc. So we can make a Youtube Video Content out of the game and make the game popular again. These will also give us good content as a youtuber, As you can see, these character's are most search by teens in youtube, as a youtube content creator, we can create more content using these fashion to advertise the game, will give benefit on both side as game content creator. I hope you to consider these request. My Idea came from your fashion 'Galactic Soldier Set" that you can make a fashion to make us looks what it should be, but since branding must be considered, I think you can also figure it out how to make the avenger fashion possible. thank you very much and hoping to make the game continues it legacy. thank you very much.

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