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MAYBE a x2

thebankofelfthebankofelf Posts: 2 Arc User
edited September 2020 in Suggestion Box
SO i know the GMs have gone and left us to die. As well as this game is on an Auto Loop for sales but can we at least get a x2 for Anniversary since nothing else is going to happen for committing to this game for 10+ years.

Also by some miracle you can actually find a lost GM. Please let them know we need a Charm sale, Pigment sale (black, white and red dye) and maybe something new (mounts, flyers, fashion, and idk (also something in the boutique not bleeping packs or keys). It is getting really boring with the same sales every bleeping week as well as having the same charge and spend promo. Can you guys at least make it look like someone works for PWI instead of it being run by Auto Systems, like even our tickets get auto replies.

ALSO going to push it here a little. If they want to make up for all the issue they been having, as well of the lack of celebration in one of their longest running game (cause you know so many have died off). They should give us those Warrior Packs that allowed us to make Alts and got some New people. The pack had items to make gear, as well as leveling the toon.
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