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It says im already logged

zaikrethzaikreth Posts: 2 Arc User
But i already turn off the pc, and close and re open my account, still says on the game that my account its already logged, i press forcelog and it just keeps downloading, what can i do?


  • datsangdatsang Posts: 137 Arc User
    Wait or use the 3rd party force log tool. The server doesnt recognize your connection to server has been lost and thus will keep you online for like 15mins generally till I imagine it checks for it and realizes you arent connected to the server any longer. The system they got in place is a joke and they dont seem to care enough to fix force logging, which causes great annoyance to players like you.

    Ps. Some ppl say restarting comp helps but I cant fathom how on earth it would have any effect as by my understanding its related to server thinking connection exists when it does not.
  • zaikrethzaikreth Posts: 2 Arc User
    nevermind it already works, thank you anyway
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