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Celestial Tigers

tanglestangles Posts: 10 Arc User
Please bring back the Tiger event. Many people participated in this. So many events going on these days are pvp, and many people are not pvp. In the tiger event, people can pvp if they choose, but you are not forced to.


  • alphadevil1991alphadevil1991 Posts: 88 Arc User
    what pvp EVENTS are going on?
  • meandmyandyoumeandmyandyou Posts: 2 Arc User
    Yes! Please bring back the Celestial Tigers event, there's no reason at all for it to be removed from the game. It had unique fashion, mounts, and pets that are not obtainable any other way in game. Plus it was fun. Is there a good reason PWI should _not_ be fun?
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