we want new code wake up GM

fededomino Posts: 228 Arc User
please send us new code for pure S Card (1 million of them ) , its been an ancient time since we got that , dont be cheap


  • mankiller
    mankiller Posts: 27 Arc User
    edited January 2020
    The gm in this game don't reply or give code much.Even the on news it mostly about sale and promo spend/charge.Only time they put news is when they just put big patch.
  • cheriberryex#8626
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    Posts like this should be moved to a 'troll' section right away..
  • jacenty#4580
    jacenty#4580 Posts: 18 Arc User
    Yea the post was made for fun i think, but the true is Gms forget about us, 2 years a go was codes for evry month with event gold , ancient gifts etc. Now nothing only spend promo ,charge promo pay pay pay and peple on servers are less and less, Last time we try to do 999 sq it took 40min its longer then run comon. Maybe some moves to make this game more actractive for people. Coz now it looks like they just wana squize as much coins they can before they turn off servers.