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Ok so Returning player in need of help

Ok so, I'm a returning player and fudged up my main's makeover to where the arms are long and skinny which bug the heck outta me, all these ini tutorials NEVER talk about the body scales and what's the perfect body for not too skinny and not too big of a bust. and yes, I posted here cause 1. idk where to post, 2. I play Etherblade, 3. I been mia for years due to rl.


  • xrougex#9184 xrougex Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited November 2019
    IMO, use the body scales which is used from the presets (not talking about the presets from the above, the list of presets).

    When I was making my character, I just used the body scale of one of the presets from the list as my base and then go from there.
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