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fededominofededomino Posts: 134 Arc User
it could be good when click on item for sale , what catagory its belong , and when click on item we can get redirected to item catagory directly , so i wish it can be inbuild , to save time , and also item that is cheaper is in first list , players time is eaten up of waste time of read each site , mabye it will be fair prices , if cheapest item is showed first , that could also be done for Commission Shop , to input catagory of item of search , Weapon , Armor, wrist , boots , necklace , vit stone , phys def , Def Lv , etc , to put into ( Catagory ) of search of everything , many time i give up search stuff cause not can remember name of stuff , and that hit the sellar and buyer , + we dont have time to use for look site after site , also mabye it can be sorted by Character class , so when a barb search for stuff , it could be auto added to class for what we search for , if we chose , that mean we could have an option to say yes for class item search , or no to search for other item we want instead
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