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cuddybobcuddybob Posts: 5 Arc User
Anyone know how to fix this bug, upon porting out of Ulgard, Arena and a Wonderland ride this has happened on 3 of my chars, now all windows and trade screens open up in the left top corner, some windows cannot move, I've tried verify game files and still this an issue, it bloody annoying.

https://ibb.co/h2XGr8X <== this what it looks like


  • obielleobielle Posts: 689 Arc User
    Hmm, there was someone on the PWI facebook group with the same issue as you so it must be happening to a few people.

    I did suggest to them to reset their graphics to default in the patcher but it didn't help them. Maybe give that a try and see if it might work for you? I'd try this first.

    There's also another method you can try but it does require going into your PWI files for it. I suggested it to another player who had a similar issue a few months ago so I'll just quote part of it here:
    To find the files, go to userdata > layout, for example C:\PWI_en\element\userdata\Layout

    In this folder you'll see a bunch of .ini files with numbers, the name of the file is your character's ID. The easiest way to figure out which one is the correct file is to log into your character, move something around (skill bar or quest tracker for example) and then log off. The most recently modified file in that folder will be the one you're looking for.

    If you just wanna reset everything you can just delete the file - it will be recreated after you log in and out and the position of a lot of windows and such will be reset.

    If the above suggestions don't work, I'm not really sure what else can be done. The person on the facebook group was fixing it with a reinstall of the game I think so that might be the only other option for you...but it probably won't fix it forever.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • cuddybobcuddybob Posts: 5 Arc User
    omg thank you soo much that worked deleting all the files in the layout folder <3
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