Frozen screen with AMD graphics

matelto Posts: 2 Arc User
Hi, I have a problem with pwi because I use AMD graphics, the game freezes in almost all instances and some specific places, I talk to GMS and they say I practically need to change my video card for an nvidia or for intel graphics , but obviously I have no money for that.
I wanted to know if it is possible to fix this error, hopefully one of you has an answer to this. Thanks for your attention


  • leeroy#5509
    leeroy#5509 Posts: 3 Arc User
    have you ever tried to set the graphics config at lowest? i play like that otherwise will be hard to play, obviously the game looks awesome at high settings but i prefer to play smoth with lower settings
  • matelto
    matelto Posts: 2 Arc User
    I really have, but the game still does not answer my fps in low graphics before it is much better not down 60 ... I really do not know what to do.