Cleric Glyphs

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I was wondering if anyone could help me with glyphs. Any advice would be great! As in which skills to learn and which glyphs goes best for the skills. I do both pve and pvp in game. Thank you so much for the help!


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    I have Ethereal (blue) on Guardian Light so I can't get stunned. I have Verdant (green) on Great Cyclone so it channels faster. I have Ethereal (blue) on Chromatic Healing Beam so the squad heal reaches players farther away. I have Argent (gray) on Ultraviolet Dance so the skill cools off for faster mode switching. I have Etheral (blue) on Plume Shell so less mana is taken from me when I'm attacked while shelled, but often change it to gray for the running speed. And I have Golden (yellow) on Soothing Pulse to provide those I heal with more HP gain per cast of it.
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    In PVE: Gold glyph on UVD for the additional magic attack bonus. Argent glyph on cyclone for the additional damage while in UVD. Anything else is preference based on situation or what utility you need. I'll run argent/verdant glyph on chromatic heal for either the huge-range AOE or faster channel on the heal. Verdant glyph on soothing pulse for fast-channel instant heal. Also run -channel necklace, cape, and helm in PVE.

    In PVP: Gold glyph on ironheart for additional healing. Verdant glyphs on soothing pulse and chromatic for faster healing. Verdant glyph on plume shell for the additional shield against all damage (it's insanely strong for pvp). Either red glyph or argent glyph on guardian light, for either faster cooldown on the skill or instant teleport - depending on needs. Either gold glyph on purify, or red glyph on stream for chi building, depending on situation. Note I hardly ever do 3v3's for pvp - you'd probably want to change things for that mode (argent glyph on UVD for instance, among other things), but this setup works nice for TW/DC.
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