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Old Player looking for a guild/buddies to play with

As the title says. Been off for a long time. Now after returning and seeing what Ive been missing(western steppes, new TT) i realised I wanna give PWI another shot.

I has discord for communications, no cookies doe.

Ign: Altera
Mutiny (Retired) - Blademaster (Tideswell)
AItera (fully operational) - Seeker (Tideswell)
Oryou (fully operational) - Veno (Tideswell)
Moving to Perfect World Mobile (NA/EU) on release
Member since: 11/17/2008


  • sjampiesjampie Posts: 547 Arc User
    Press G in game and you'll see factions that are recruiting. If you can't find one you should see _Undead_ in that list. Easy going faction that accepts anyone. And no, I'm not in it but helped some members in the past.
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