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Poking my head in

perigrine85perigrine85 Posts: 2 Arc User
Just as the title says... a really old player poking my head in after being gone for 5 years i think it is.... I left just after some server war thing started...

I had lets see if i get all these together correctly... as the game downloads

101 or 102 sin sage 5 aps (not sure if thats a thing anymore)
100 seeker
100 bm
101 r9 archer (probably useless by now)
100 forgot what they were called the furry ones
and varying levels of every other class...

So the question is what do i need to look out for when i log back into these once high level toons and how bad off am i gonna be off with new gear/updates?


  • bravomanbravoman Posts: 1 Arc User
    well your gonna need to rebirth ur chars, then start ur primal chain for primal skills and passives, then work on ur spirit and cards and glyh and star chart. long story short your gonna have alot of work to catch up on.

    APS is kinda not a thing cuz most of the end game bosses have anti aps buff which makes.
    id say work on the r9 char since you already have one and it would be cheaper than getting a whole new char r9 even if its an archer
  • datsangdatsang Posts: 122 Arc User
    I think it depends heavily on what you want out of the game. Archer even as R9 dont offer much in PvE and in PvP its strong only if you have it at high standard of gear, which yours prolly is pretty far off from. Seeker is wanted for pretty much everything, same with BM and sin. Aps sin however isnt really a thing any longer, there are some but most are DPH build nowdays. The fluffy class is barb, which too is good choice for most things.

    I would choose between Seeker, BM and Sin if you have interest in PvP aspects of the game. Just know the treadmill to catch up is a long one. I would only play archer if the theme/playstyle speaks to you due how far behind it must be in gear nowdays. But then again point of games is fun, whatever feels like the class you want to invest on, choose that one.

    As for what to do once you log on. You want to rebirth asap, its a system in which you turn from lvl 100+ into lvl 1 again and level up. You get extra stat points depending on your "past levels", the higher the better. You can rebirth twice so max level is 3x 105 currently. Its daunting number but leveling has been made quite a bit easier. After rebirth you get access to FSP, which offers war avatars and that should be something you try to run each day. IBU might be bit rough with your lack of new passives but its where star chart things are mostly in. Star Chart and War avatar cards are basically 2nd and 3rd set of gear when it comes to stats.

    Other than that, join a guild and have fun. Dont worry bout being able to compete any time soon due how long daily grind you got ahead of you in terms to get passives and boundary levels done. Its not days nor weeks, its months of work to get you up to date with boundary levels and as such stressing over competing with ppl who have those done makes little sense.

    Ps. If you are worried over new instances, which are plenty, there is guides on YT. Granted I to this day think games like FF14 and WoW has basically harder introduction dungeons than hardest dungeons in this game when it comes to mechanics.

  • sylenthundersylenthunder Support Guru Posts: 3,054 Community Moderator
    boo4u wrote: »
    you spent money before,your going to spend it some more.
    You're going to spend a lot of time grinding daily quests to get back in the swing of things as well.​​
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