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Boss kills aren't counting

wrenievnwrenievn Posts: 10 Arc User
Hi all, I came back recently after 4-5 years, so while I've tried my best to google search changes and updates to the game, I may have missed some things. Though I checked beforehand, my apologies if this has been answered before in the forums.

Today I decided to solo fb59 for the culti of my duskblade alt. It's a pill baby I forgot about so it doesn't have any decent gear, thus I want to solo and not trouble others in a squad. In the past, I've done this numerous times before for the cultivation of my other alts, but none of the bosses I've killed so far just now have counted for the alt.

There's plenty of earning time, I've made sure my duskblade is constantly attacking and doing at least a third of the damage. I checked its quest list and there's substantial space, as well as my inventory. I relogged my alt thinking it was a bug but the next boss didn't count either. My main isn't reawakened yet, it's only one level above the alt (101/100). Did the game make it so you can't solo for alts anymore or something? Please let me know if I've missed something.


  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 749 Arc User
    edited August 5
    The culti bosses are outside the instance now. you can auto path to them ^.^
  • wrenievnwrenievn Posts: 10 Arc User
    Oh... my goodness.......... I feel absolutely silly now. It never occurred to me they would be moved outside.......... orz I'm truly behind with the times, thank you so much for helping.
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