Why is PW sending coin emails?

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Yes, they've been caught red handed! All this time I've thought it was players selling coins, it turns out it's PWI behind these annoying emails! The second you create a new toon you'll receive in your mail an offer to buy coins off of a website! Then once every week or two they'll send another offer to buy coins! Just stop it!

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    These are not PWI.

    Please report to CS via a ticket so they can sort. Also please dont mention any Websites etc that is not within limits.



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    Hello my dude.

    PWI could indeed sell coins through "backpages" thus forcing out pwi bots and coin farmers, or just increasing profits.

    However when you get messaged, you will usually see the level one character nearby. It is a bot who copies names and sends the mail. So in this case nothing directly from pwi.
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    No, the character doesn't have to be nearby. has 'fixed' places like the bot near Archosaur West teleporter and the mail-bot in Celestial Vale. Places on all servers are the same however I noticed a few months back that one bot moved a bit to get more names. That bot was placed on it's original place again (read: another character replaced the bot). In the past I've send a ticket to CS including screenshots and even solutions to solve this but there's nothing CS will do. Once someone received a mail the character name is placed in a database meaning you get spammed more! The solution from CS is to blacklist the mailbot but we should know that's the wrong answer. :D

    What we can do:

    (1) ignore the mail and delete it once you're nearby a mailbox,

    (2) get the f... out of Archosaur for a few months, maybe half a year, so the mail will stop. Catshops should move to another city if they want to sell stuff and lol, lower their price if they really want to sell. Don't ever go to Archo West or Celestial Vale again.

    (3) Ignore the Master/Apprentice quests: once out of the instance your character is near to a bot and you get mailed again.

    (4) If you visit Jolly Old Jones, ignore all bots that are used to get the free coins. They aren't used to mail you but collecting free coins only to sell them to you via PayPal. :D​​
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    Those bots are directly connected to a site to show prices for items at catshops. When these get reported and taken down, so goes the catshop tool. There currently is no tool for shops to use to stay competitive on game. This tool is useful to all players. As suggested, just delete the mail when it comes up and place the toon in question on your block list. This solves the unwanted mail problem, along with keeping current information coming to the website.​​
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    Those bots are directly connected to

    How do you know that? Is it conjecture?​​
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    The catshop snipers (bot's that check catshops and send data for publishing on pwcats) and the Auction House bot are here for a long time. But they're never at the locations of Jolly Old Jones. The bots that visit that place are only to grab some free money while sometimes killing mobs just to return to their original path. The info on the internet (we can actually buy the software but that's against TOS) also shows they have worked on communication so people could think it's a real person playing. Some years ago I wrote something about the veno bots. Discovered them in-game and even in pk-mode it's impossible to kill them outside of Archosaur. Well, they're only bots so not important but more important is that anyone who actually plays PWI should read the TOS at least one time.

    On the screen where we can choose our character there's also a text that has something to do with the coin e-mails:
    If any player attempts to direct you to any website while in-game please be extra-cautious. Phishing sites generally try to copy the look of the official PWI website, and prompt you to enter your username and password. Once your login credentials are stolen, the characters on the account may have items stolen from them. Do not believe any player touting FREE ZEN, and remember the only official PWI website is: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/pwi.
    The coin e-mails also refer to a site and that's not the original arcgames site. So we are already warned.

    As for any tickets to CS asking to stop the mail messages the answer that will be returned is just to blacklist the sender. Since the names of most bots are changing (read: character is replaced) the solution that CS has given will not work. The hint above (leave Archosaur) is something that does work until you have to go back or be teleported to Archosaur after leaving a quest/instance. But then catshops will not sell anything and they may move to another city. Of course the bot will be moved too. What I did was easier: have 1 alt to check/buy items from catshops in Archosaur so only the alt will get the spam. There's no one in my friend list on that toon so spam is the only thing that will appear in the mailbox. There will be a day that my mailbox is filled with the 'g2g' messages.

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    Conspiracy of strange ingame mail :::::: my guess could be a past Developer worker got away with software from Cryptic Studio 1 way or another and mabye sold it on internet or use it by him self for hope of easy cash , i dont know the secure of how China Developer when ther quit work on Cryptic Studio , about how easy to get away with programs to Develope the games , this just another outer space Conspiracy theory ;)