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Disappointing Promos

cosmosia1989cosmosia1989 Posts: 117 Arc User
I was actually looking forward to charging a bit for my Tec and was expecting really good promos for July 4th and this so called "Ultimate Spend Promo" is a joke. Come on. You did way better spend rewards not too long ago. You cant even redeem each tier more than once which is a massive step back to previous promos. Sure, you get a few packs on top..but also there you did way better in the past. Also, not even any special double charge points. Who do you expect to charge for tiny additional rewards like this? We all know that charging without any promo is downright stupid and worthless, so the only reasonable situation to charge if it is really worthwhile. Keep your overpriced, useless S-Chests for yourself and give "new-char-building" ppl a few orbs like you did in the past.

I expect special offering for tomorrow on top of that, to even consider dropping some cash. Sorry, but this game has always been too expensive and giving out a few free pixels, like you did before, should not be anything special.

Mhm, add something like 200 charge points per Gold spent and I am sold! gonna get my orbies via that way then^^ if so, please do that within the currency bonus, thank you very much.

Also, as a form of healthy criticism, it is borderline scam to randomly drop additional discounts on something you have announced before. Anyone charging before that will naturally and reasonably feel scammed. Do it right away, make it limited time and then let it run out as planned.


  • babyhas2legsbabyhas2legs Posts: 32 Arc User
    Don't you just love how PWI gets everyone excited about new characters and do not help support what they need to play the game?

  • sjampiesjampie Posts: 430 Arc User
    Promo == promote

    So it's true: if you spend money on things that never will be yours you also promote the company that allows us to log in and play. We 'addicted' players will never learn to ignore all promo's. :D
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