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How to forge a G16 helm/hat

ramjotramjot Posts: 60 Arc User
I have been trying to work out a sequence in order to forge a G16 Helm/Hat.
I was looking at awakened ancestral divine hat and one of its requirement items is Myriad Blossom Helm
To forge that I see I need some uncannys which I know I can get but I cannot find the forge/npc that the crafting can be done through.
I did some research on other G16 Hats/Helms and they all seem to require the uncanny forge step.
I raised a ticket and was told that there are no G16 Hats/Helms that can be forged at the moment.
Does anyone have any way to do this?


  • trisodovkytrisodovky Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited July 3
    You can craft G15 Helm/Cape at Assistant Wang Tsai and the cost is 200 Lucky Coins, you can use these to craft G16. There is no other option, crafting G15 from Uncanny and gold Lunar/TT helmet or cape was removed.
  • boo4uboo4u Posts: 425 Arc User
    yeah its something PW removed due to them giving out the free tt99 gold gear that you could craft into nirvana gears,then stage them and thus making awaken gear to make mega coin..so just thank PW for providing the exploit for people to exploit,since most would use the cape/helmet for the longest when moving to R9 until they spend countless dollars/time to get a CoM or some other rank helmet or something of the sort.

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