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Demon vs Sage

bubbelgirlbubbelgirl Posts: 21 Arc User
I personally prefur Demon over Sage for Technician (Gunner).
This preference comes cuz i feel like the Gunner is more like a DB & it is more aoe/cc focussed.
Some might think Sage would b better due to the chi, but be realistic, 25% chance to get 20 chi isn't all that great.
Demon gives u 20% amp on trap, more crit (100% crit with spark) less channel/cast time & 1sec longer freeze on trap.
Once u reach the point of glyphs the difference in chi gaining even gets thinner... u can choose to get expel & flow a blue glyph witch, @first look, seems great... I would go for Argent tho, it is kinda wierdly explained when u read the skill but basiclly i comes down to the cd being lowered or adding some damage, in addition ( & this is the sweet part) u get 2 or even 3 uses of that skill.
In short u use the skill 2x in a row, the cd starts running asa u use it 1st time.
So most skills are great with argent glyph, only for pvp i'd go for Red glyph on Affliction→ <22% hp on a player ?→OS..
4example Barb 100k hp→21.500 hp →Affliction red glyph lv5→RIP.
This red glyph u could also use on Neon Landing for a bigger splash of knocking down ppl/mobs.
Flow lowers the phys res 50% & Tide of fire lowers fire res 60% in primal version, both are aoe so good to support squads from way back 30m away.
Finally to diss out nice damage u could use a glyph to add damage to Murderous Indulgence, but again here i would go for Argent, 2x used in a row.

Hope this lil info helps ppl understand & like this new class a bit more, if u disagree or want to add stuff feel free.

Grtz SaberFlash/MissCanon



  • yawnyawnyawnyawn Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited July 3
    I went demon too, tho it really doesn't matter at all. It's pretty much only the traps that stay different.
    The chi gain is cute, and the -.1 chan/cast reduction seems irrelevant, but Technicians are getting buffed with the next patch which will lower their chan/cast by another .3 if I'm not mistaken, so then the % reduction becomes a lil more relevant. Also the traps are going to be 1m bigger in radius I think, so better traps could be nice too.

    The only upside to sage was range for me, because unlike almost any AoE in the game, 2 of the technician AoEs scale with range, so I thought it'd be cute to have bigger AoEs but when I did the math it was really not that great, so I said fk it n went demon. But realistically, it doesn't matter at all. Sage will triple spark more, but Demon triple spark will be way better, you'll end up with the same result.
  • tabaloultabaloul Posts: 159 Arc User
    It does matter, a lot actually. At this point with all the skills we got demon is superior in nearly every regard. Only Demon spark allows for 100% save crits. Sage spark is nice too, but remember, Tecs are mainly DDs. Also, the stun trap duration is 1 second longer which does not sound like much but as someone that has actively tested massive combos already...in a 1v1 this allows for a full debuff, spark combo, whilst sage has to either skip on the debuff trap, or just dont attempt any combo at all. In mass pvp..I dont have to tell you what 1 sec more CC of several ppl hitting on targets can do, a matter of life and death, quite literally. The only other good things about sage is maybe master Li's which gives 50 chi..but if you have a paramount genie and use your skill rotation decently, you will never have any chi issues at all anyways. The other effects are quite frankly garbage. The regular spam skill has a 25% chance to gain 20 chi...what? that is completely useless. In nearly no situation will you find yourself just spamming that skill for an extensive amount of time anyways. The Demon version at least is 0.2sec faster which is quite massive and allows for more charmbypass-possibilities.

    All the other traps are better, too. The destealth trap has a 25 sec uptime and only 5 sec Downtime, that is fantastic vs sins and other stealth classes.

    Sage is only useful for one built only: Max def, full vit, full support where you conserve chi for sage spark and try to snipe ppl which HP drops below 22% (depending on glyph used). That's it. In literally every other scenario, demon is better and if you are a player that likes to take the maximum out of every situation possible, even by quite a bit at that.

    Even if they possibly merge all those skills in a future update. 100% in trip spark is just way too good for a DD class.
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