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Thanks PWE for my spam :P

gas2016#5086 gas2016 Posts: 66 Arc User
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Off-Topic discussion:

Yeah, the Master Apprentice Instance is nice but once I got out I was in Archosaur again. Next to the bot. Not so cool: I will receive new spam messages again. First one arrived just moments ago when I left the instance AND didn't had spam for months (since I skip the area where the bots are). Would thank PWE for it since using bot seems to be legal unless we read TOS. But does PWE actually have any knowledge of TOS? Think not. :'( Since we cannot kill the bots - should really be an option - there isn't much we can do except skipping the area's for idk 6 + months so bye bye catshops. :'(

Now g2g too lol.
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