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cmoffatt2cmoffatt2 Posts: 5 Arc User
On CraVenoMof i don't have all the items for the heavenly wonders workshop like the White wall etc.


  • obielleobielle Posts: 561 Arc User
    Just to make sure, did you follow the tutorials in the Homestead after opening it? You can get the recipes after placing down your Fragrance Garden, Heavenly Creation Workshop, and Wonder Market. Also check that you've got quest slots, and check to see if there are any green quests in your log (they will show under Other > Menu).

    If you've done the above and don't have any green quests in there to complete, there is an option to get these recipes from Vyn Yen in West Archosaur from the quest "To be developed", but it will cost 5 million coins.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • cmoffatt2cmoffatt2 Posts: 5 Arc User
    no quest there to there to take
  • obielleobielle Posts: 561 Arc User
    You have 5 million coins in your inventory, and the quest is grayed out in Quest Related? That would mean the quest to originally get them hasn't been completed yet. Check in your current quests for a quest called "Continuing Construction" or "Building your Homestead". They're usually given automatically when you start a Homestead.

    If you don't have either of those quests, I can only really suggest relogging and making sure you have a couple of free quest slots. You may have to send in a support ticket if nothing else works and tell them you cannot take the quest to purchase the replacement rookie pack.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
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