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second rebirth

skpskp Posts: 2 Arc User
I recently second rebirthed my barbarian and after the initial first few classic quests the list vanished and the quest for 4 crystals in 2k appeared and in filling that I was told I could not get another until level 86. now I only have the newbie quests in celestial vale. GM told me they can't renew quests but this is and issue of the quests disappearing. Any ideas or helps would be appreciated.


  • sjampiesjampie Posts: 422 Arc User
    edited June 2
    Seems you have two options:

    1. do the newbie quests and get the other quests later or
    2. go do FC and PV to level fast while skipping a large amount of quests.

    The only quests that where vanished where the ones that could only be finished if you reach level 150. Impossible in our version of PWI.
  • gas2016#5086 gas2016 Posts: 41 Arc User
    edited June 2
    Did the 2nd rebirth. Some quests can't be turned in since the level is too low however no quests vanished; all are available. I only need to wait for the right level to finish the 'old' quests.
  • boo4uboo4u Posts: 415 Arc User
    its 2019..people stil ldoing quest...

  • sjampiesjampie Posts: 422 Arc User
    edited June 16
    boo4u wrote: »
    its 2019..people stil ldoing quest...

    That's because the free stuff we can get. But then again... it's 2019... most people just come online to spend money and do nothing except waiting and watching a video while, eating doritos and drinking beer. Nothing to worry about as long as it don't happen in my place. No dirty hands on my keyboard lol.

    To get back on-topic: all quests will be available once someone reaches the level they need to start or end the quest(s). But some "quests" can never be finished again:


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