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About S Card and A Card

fededominofededomino Posts: 125 Arc User
as far i see it , there is no S Card Longevity as A Card Barbarian Trainer with 2 X 10 vit ,will be surpriced if Developers gonna run throgh what Card we want , by my self i wish a S Card Longevity with 3 X 10 vit , many S Card is not fit all player depend of gear and class , so if Developers can make Card`s that will suit all class or make it possible to let us Add extra Stats on A Card and S Card by our own choise , mabye it can help out for our happiness .

just an idea i got when the sun was high in sky , now get on and blame me , but i guess any idea should be writen
to improve


  • sjampiesjampie Posts: 461 Arc User
    I only blame you for not writing it in 'Suggestion Box'. The idea of adding extra stats by our own choice is nice but would also scare me if we need to buy boutique items for it if we really want those extra stats. :D
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