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should i play again!

switch1986switch1986 Posts: 19 Arc User
haven't played since 2016,got a rank 9 3rd cast psy and rank 9 bm are people still playing or should i just pass and find another game?


  • fededominofededomino Posts: 110 Arc User
    it wont harm you to give it a try to return , you will need to catch up what is been update since 2016 and til now
  • boo4uboo4u Posts: 415 Arc User
    if you already spent money in the game for x2 r9 toons then it should be a fine road for you..but you like all others would say " i farmed all this and farmed all that and didnt spend no money in the game"...game stil lthe same ole lead weight man your going to be doing rinse and repeat **** every day..good luck.

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