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ONLY CHARGE REWARDS, SPEND ..., KEY -CHARGE. SPEND, KEY the current staff is only interested in cas

Nearly constant CHARGE rewards, and nearly nothing for no cashers anymore.

Yes you can play without , but you are so limited now.
Gold and the value you get for it is an advantage of its own and brings enhancements and items you cant farm.

But the gold charge and spend rewards who only carters to cashers make the gap so big and unfair like in nearly no other game.

When you see the homepage/newspage its unbelieveable you nearly only see cash shop updates , charge and spend rewards.

The current staff is so extreme, has endless time for this things but no time for a word aside from that.


  • mysticblue#1834 mysticblue Posts: 92 Arc User
    At this point I am sure even the cashers can't keep up with such frequent marketplace updates 😂
  • iamtearshiamtearsh Posts: 103 Arc User
    This is true, just posted a thread asking if they are planning on having any event soon.. but i guess they won't, sadly..

  • sjampiesjampie Posts: 491 Arc User
    Planning any event in?

    In PWI there's enough to do so 'new' events aren't needed at the moment. In Arc it's a different story since it has nothing to do with the game. You can start your own event, giving away stuff to other people for free. But don't think you asked for this. Also then your question would be in the wrong forum, even if you wanted an event for PWI players only.

    To get back on topic: I'm used to see the charge rewards, spend rewards and even crazy e-mail messages 'asking' people to buy virtual stuff in this game. Some people just like to spend money to get a new 11-speed mount or try selling stuff that they got from opening a pack for idk... 100 mil coins. People shouldn't buy if they don't need it. The so called 'cashers' just need a good time so addiction to PWI makes them a bit more greedy, spending money on not-important stuff. The 'no-cashers' can just alter their way of playing if they didn't do already. Playing PWI is still about one thing: having fun. There's no need to promote 'staff' if they bring news about the next charge rewards.
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