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Adamantine Powder

Hey there,

I'm currently contemplating if I should recast Adversity daggers (r9r3) to Chaotic Damnation as soon as I get them.

There's one question in mind: is there a cheaper way to acquire Adamantine Powder than 50 silver each? (Even though catshop price is lower than the lrice of 50 silver, which will save me 1m/ea)

Thanks in advance!


  • mysticblue#1834 mysticblue Posts: 92 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    Yeah can go with chaotic damnation as it is assured 70 att levels.
    Btw if you haven't acquired your Adversity daggers yet and you have enough for chaotic too

    Instead of R9 you could go with HS weapon...
    custom proc at 2nd recast and it gets better than boundless r9 at 3rd recast.(plenty costly though)
    Either of them is good.

    Adamantine afaik come only from boutique
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  • berryberry1234berryberry1234 Posts: 16 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    Currently I see no opportunity to go for the HS weapon chain. I don't have the time to farm it nor am I interested in all the materials etc.

    Chaotic has my preference so I think I'll go for that. Only wanted to know if there was a better way to acquire the Powders.

    Thanks for the reply!
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