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laulupullolaulupullo Posts: 39 Arc User
i got back here after 8years break and yet u havent give option to disable that System Message... i dont give a flying kittens who refined their bamboo sticks or whoever got grounded sausage mount and so on...and no this isnt my main account cuz it got banned back then 2009 on original pwi forums cuz of 1 stupid pic ...anyways can u please GM make it able to atleast disable System stuff on guild/squad/Priv chat?? i **** hate that spam and it gets me confused :)



  • sjampiesjampie Posts: 463 Arc User
    edited April 11
    First of all: welcome back! 8 Years without PWI is a long time!

    Now for the 'red' spam. I don't think a GM would actually read this forum, it there is a GM. In my opinion the red spam is only to make people more greedy, spending more money just to get something better and which will never owned by them (according to TOS). And there is more spam: For about a week now we don't have 'normal' yellow spam to invest some money in an Ukrainian young man who tries to make some money by selling cheap PWI coins. But this person (which makes/uses multiple accounts per server) will be back. Just don't read worldchat if he is. The other spam is in your mailbox once you come close to a bot. I already have send tickets with screenshots in the past but PWE seems to allow this botting. At the moment you will recognize the mail by the title: "coins for you" but there's no money in the game only the text to buy cheap PWI coins (taken via many bots per server via Jolly Old Jones) from this 'verified seller'. Hell, everyone is a verified seller. Luckily most people are smart enough just to delete the mail.

    So in other words: We play PWI because we can read spam! Beginning to like it myself :D
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