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PWI Prices, farm, and stuff

m3ist3rm3ist3r Posts: 2 Arc User
Hey guys, i'm a PWBR player, and recently i'm asking myself about the high prices to buy a end game gear at my server. I would to ask for you guys, the price of some stuff. Starting with the cash coin (buyed with real money), in my server, this coin is named gold.
High package: 31.000 GOLD - 149,90 R$
Low package: 3.900 GOLD - 19,90 R$
Based on this, the price of some stuff in the G-SHOP:
Pack Card (B, A, S) - 350 GOLD (avaible on g-shop only in promos)
General Summer's Token - 3150 GOLD (avaible on g-shop only in promos)
Medal of Glory - 4000 GOLD (avaible on g-shop only in promos)
Regular's chests - 300 GOLD
Chienkun stone - 100 GOLD

Based on this, a total cost of a r9up3 is almost 7.000,00 R$. This is equal to 7 minimum wage's here.
1K GOLD = 28kk's, on my server

A dungeon like uncharted paradise (deicide) makes a profit like 3~4kk's per day.
Dawnlight halls is the same.

I want to know, how is this in PWI? Does it also cost 20 minimum wages to have an end game character?


  • asterelleasterelle Posts: 845 Arc User
    Full R9s3 costs something like 700 USD here. That's without refine or stones. That's like a week or two of minimum wage I guess (though that is different depending on the state).​​
  • m3ist3rm3ist3r Posts: 2 Arc User
    Oh god, a week or two, am i dreaming? (Here, the minimum wages are paid for a full month work, so, 7 months to buy a r9up3. Without refine or stones, of course
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