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Worth coming back or no?

Been playing since day 1 since 2008/9 played for 4 solid years when I was younger and then had the odd return back here and there just to check on how things were, planning to come back as I do miss the game, my character Letamed 101 barb, LeXbladeX 102 blademaster and DeadlySyn 96 assassin, which character would be best for me to start playing again


  • spikesterspikester Posts: 2 Arc User
    Ignore my username spikester made the account when I was like 12 😂😂
  • cyanidel0lcyanidel0l Posts: 7 Arc User
    @spikester Definitely a question everyone will answer a little differently. The way I personally see it is this game has been in my life off and on for 10 years and honestly got me through some things in a way. So personally I'd say, if you miss it come get your fix. The "state of the game" is definitely a lot different, but it's still at it's core the game we played 9 years ago.

    "Never trust anyone too much, remember the devil was once an angel."
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