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Against rules to trade items and coin from server to server?

djlyodjlyo Posts: 5 Arc User
Is it against the rules to trade items or coin from server to server with somebody? Not meaning with real life money, just items and coin on game?


  • gas2016#5086 gas2016 Posts: 63 Arc User
    No it's not against the rules. The User Conduct in TOS only mention 15.2.m: trade, sell, auction or otherwise transfer any virtual items or goods of any nature outside the game.

    So you can trade items with someone else and hope that person trade items on another server with you without getting in any 'virtual problems' with PWE. Also PWE (in this case Customer Support) will not help you if you get scammed. So if you want to be save just keep it as it is and hope one day there will be another server merge. :)

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