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PWI Forgetting Promo Events

Hey guys,

just wondered about the recent Promos. There was a Promo where emperor's were promised to players who charged/spent money and people claim there wasnt any prize given out, however i don't have a proof for that.

Anyways, this promo was proven not to be given out yet, no codes or anything: https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/pwi/news/detail/10956483-perfect-gold-and-silver-chest-event

I charged and spent gold under the condition to get the promised items, got my Starchart from aptitude 10 to aptitude 20, alone that shouldve been enough for the first milestone already. The promo is now about a month and 4 days ago and we still don't even get a feedback.
There was a promise made, we get updates on the social media, that promise wasn't held.
I charged under that condition of the promo and they didn't fulfil their part of it, i start to feel scammed really bad...

Would also hate about the rollback codes but I think we should give them more time on that maybe? Been only 5 days yet...

what's your opinion about that?


  • reichishio1reichishio1 Posts: 6 Arc User
    I posted at least 3 times in WC or Common about this. I even went as far as saying things about PWI's reputation. I only put in enough to qualify for the 1st of the 4, not all 4. I even called them scammers as well. PWI better watch they do not get in a legal issue and find out that some players will only take the lies so long and leave.
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