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Hello Everyone :)

I am returning to Perfect World after a couple of years out. Since hanging up my perfect world gloves, I’ve decided to put them back on again however, I am now a Mac Book pro user and I don’t quite know how to get and use perfect world on my Mac.

Is there anyone who can help me with this issue I am having?

Thank you


  • danilo#4237 danilo Posts: 51 Arc User
    try contac support for better assistence
  • asterelleasterelle Posts: 761 Arc User
    Best way is to install boot camp and then install a copy of windows on another partition. You'll be given a choice to boot into windows from that. The other options are windows emulators like wine or a VM like parallels but performance might not be good enough to be playable.​​
  • psybobpsybob Posts: 7 Arc User
    teabagg, you don't have to reply on every post. Yes, it's sometimes fun to read but most of the time your reply is worthless.

    Like astrelle wrote: bootcamp works (since Windows is installed), emulators like PlayOnMac, almost the same as PlayOnLinux could work. A Virtual Machine can give problems with DirectX.
  • danilo#4237 danilo Posts: 51 Arc User
    teabagg wrote: »
    trust me if you look away you wil lthank me later.

    How can u afirm that if u at least told nothing useful?
    You have to explain everything, talk about good things, and bad in YOUR vision and let him choose. IF he want that explanation

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