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Summer Festival Event Ended?

zoubezoube Posts: 179 Arc User
NPC for daily quest is not here anymore, and the patch note say: "Updated event data to close Summer Festival Event"
But on the news post:
Start: 05/16/2018 00:00 a.m PT
End: 06/13/2018 at 11:59 p.m PT

So is only the daily quest (with cooking) over, or all event (dog, fortune packs...)?


  • sherlockhomsherlockhom Posts: 5 Arc User
    alright, lets see what we got here:

    -no reward for the paperclip-for-a-villa event
    -no drawing of the flash-nuema-portal raffle
    -broken XTW / server crashes on ET/Twilight
    -broken XNW since MONTHS

    and today we can add:

    -a glitched fortune key event (at least on Da)
    -summer event daily gone
    -dog event gone (rip everyone that went for 9 star orb)

    keep charging boys.
  • justdaxjustdax Posts: 94 Arc User
    and lets add the obvious:

    -- weekly sales with really nothing but chance packs (and yes, fortune keys are a form of chance packs)
    -- no way to craft g15 helm and cape -- these now cost 200 lucky coins or around 72 mill coin for something that shouldn't go for more 20mill (and I don't count IU method since no one who needs these will even get into an IU squad)
    -- cogs, cube necklaces now bound

    and how many other items I don't include that have gone from available to the F2P players to only available if you charge???

    I'm sorry to state the obvious and to repeat what so many have said before, but IT WON'T STOP IF PEOPLE KEEP CHARGING!!

    PLEASE!!! Wake up!!
  • tideborn20090tideborn20090 Posts: 56 Arc User
    Really think you’ll be adding mirages to the list soon. This event isn’t the first place I’ve received bound ones. I’d place money on the removal of all it nearly all unbound mirages in the future.
  • rivermistrivermist Posts: 10 Arc User
    Great, am I stuck with worthless Dog Charms now?
  • yoda3160yoda3160 Posts: 103 Arc User
    rivermist wrote: »
    Great, am I stuck with worthless Dog Charms now?

    Atleast until you decide to npc them or they expire in October. They probably won't bother bringing back the npc to exchange them since there was only a week left for the event, let alone respond to people posting about not being able to redeem their charms now.
  • obielleobielle PWpedia - Admin 🌹📚 Posts: 972 Community Moderator
    You can still exchange your dog charms at President Tremolo inside Adventure Kingdom, or at Ambassador Maomao in Archosaur under the "Fest." tab. So you still have the option to get items even if it's not the ones you were aiming for.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • meglepkemeglepke Posts: 19 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    Any official answer would be nice. If they bother or anything. I needed 8 dog charms for the +8 orb... You are collecting the 100. types of items and it just ended before the announced date. I don't think it is fair.
  • meglepkemeglepke Posts: 19 Arc User
    So, maintaince done, and you did not reactivate the event and did not tell a single word about it. Still no official answer on it, just really don't care? Heero, Kalyst?
  • obielleobielle PWpedia - Admin 🌹📚 Posts: 972 Community Moderator
    edited June 2018
    The most official answer that can be given was on the PWI Discord some time last week. Lugia was asked why the events had disappeared to which he responded that he had informed the team about it but didn't have news on why they had disappeared. I think that's about all we'll get too, since Kalyst doesn't frequent the forums anymore, Lugia doesn't frequent these forums in particular, and Heero doesn't usually get responses on issues like these.
    Roxxannae - Twilight Temple
  • goldfinch47goldfinch47 Posts: 182 Arc User
    Summer festival ended, and we're still waiting for summer.
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