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Whats the best way to level?

I am curious I used to play, but I would get bored because the leveling was so slow for me. I would like to start playing the game and try actually getting into it so I am wondering what is the best general way to level from 1-100?

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  • biggfanbiggfan Posts: 2 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    Quests are best. And when you are able to do any of the daily quests (Crazy Stones, Bounty Hunters, Pheonix Valley with hyper exp stones, etc)


  • grandsniper1999grandsniper1999 Posts: 3 Arc User
    Thank you c:
  • stancliff#1034 stancliff Posts: 4 Arc User
    'Best' changes based on your resources... remember never to accpt hp and mp charms from the daily rewards until your old ones are gone and you 'know' that you need the extra boost, use potions when you can.

    > A low level guild can help you with bounty hunts, which give huge exp. If they let us run two accounts again, you can level two alts at the same time, which is awkward, but you get instant self support and need fewer helps from others. Three accounts with the right three classes will let you solo most dungeons by the time your alts are around 8 to 10 above it's level, this means you can do your own bounty hunts for most bosses.
    > There are also missions like 'coming of age' that start after 50 and give large rewards Really many of the red missions tend to be like this.
    > A wiz or seeker with a healer for support can set up a vortex type spell to kill the mobs at the tideborn's endless battle on tai chi shore (mobs are about 56). To do this for long would need charms, but you are still receiving some from the game at that point, it's also a great time to use 5 hypers on x12, but the mobs have no drops at all.
    > I have a blademaster in the high 90's who uses auto-cultivation (but no mana) to grind mobs around 55 for coin drops to let me fund my alts. She gets some exp from this, but it is slow. If she can finish 8 to 10 hours overnight she might net 400k, but disconnects are very common, so I often get much less. This trick works best with a heavy armor class, so barb would be very durable (spark 2 and 3 can give healing for no mana).
    > I recall when I leveled my last alt, the level 19 dungeon had a lot of mobs with good exp, so consider going back to grind until you are over 40 at least (consider hypers).
    > You can solo phoenix valley, all but the boss, and get lots of exp. Since every fight is 1v1 you can hold down mana usage and heal with potions instead of charms.
    > While the game has been desogned to try to prevent power leveling, it is still worthwhile to follow a higher level teammate who does all the killing, but you have to be careful you do not lose 'follow' from contact with ground objects, trees, and buildings. In the past I would have my BM follow my veno who did all the killing with her pet, this is very mana efficient with veno abilities and uses few potions, while being quite safe from taking damage. I admire the vemo class, almost no other games comes close.

    Most other things I can think of require a team and that is super hard to get now that more than 95% of the player base is very high level. Now that all recruiting has to be done in chat, the cost of teleacustics is clearly far too high.
  • jyzero1jyzero1 Posts: 23 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    Here's a somewhat optimal way to level, based on expediting the process of reaching levels at which you start unlocking key dailies / events:

    **There's usually a code for a free pack that nets you pots and more importantly, free hypers - 10 free hypers to start out makes your levelling much easier.

    **For all levels, free fcc heads / *GOOD* phoenix valley parties are always worthwhile. Save hypers for these**

    ***Finding a small helpful guild / friends in same range who are just alts of higher levelled characters can expedite your time considerably.

    ****Highly recommend starting a secondary account. Clerics / Venomancers / Assassins are, imo, good classes for fast and cheap levelling, with the added benefit that, as a secondary, they have good buffs (cleric / assassin) or good farm (Venomancer / assassin).

    1- 30: Very fast levelling just doing main quest line (purple quests), cultivation, most red quests and the occasional white quest.

    30 - 40: Grind begins. Prioritize Crazy Stone and Red Quests. Save your Hypers (except for aforementioned fcc/phoenix valley) ; you'll need them later on.

    40 - 50: Levelling gets little more enjoyable with access to BH. Learn how to stack them. Read http://pwi-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/Bounty_Hunter for more info. Prioritize quests that give you Royal gear (level 40 free gear).

    - Remember that you get "new" BH and crazy stone quests on the "9th" level (39,49,59). Don't forget to accept them or you miss out on one day's worth of that easy exp. This same rule applies for ANY daily quest that has a level requirement (more on this later).

    51 - 60: Boring way: Dailies / red quests / (blegh) white quests. Speaking as somebody who hates grinding non-dailies, I have little to no experience on which white quests are good here, so that's up to you to decide if you don't follow "fast" way.

    Fast way: Wasteland lithicran mobs autocultivation on x3x4 on hypers with free charms gets you to 55 fast (Settings should be 110m of distance starting in the middle of their spawn to avoid jumping into a lake).

    Then, find someone to run you through quicksand maze. Then, more auto-cultivating on hypers at Borderland Ox at 420, 484 (set distance to 20m; they have an insane spawn rate) should get you to

    61 - 65: Autocultivate on snow wolf at (420, 227); distance ~110m.

    65 - 80: Painful grind; I wasn't able to find any real shortcuts. While auto-cultivating is still technically do-able, all mobs will aggro, and burning $$ for charms isn't an option for new accounts.

    74: Access to "The Essence" daily quest.

    80: Adventure Kingdom opens up. Friday night 21:00 server events open up. Treasure hunting event gives massive exp.

    80 - 90: Gain access to these daily quests (can't recall exact levels)

    1) Delicious Soup
    2) Critical Repair
    3) Winter is Coming

    85: Morai questline. Join an order quick for Morai divine emissary dailies. Do not recommend doing other blue quest as it takes too much time until you get a better weapon.

    89: Heavenfall Temple. Is a trap for newbies. Do not recommend.

    90-100: FCC / PV pretty essential at this stage.

    90-95: Gain access to these dailies:

    1) South Barrier Village Crisis
    2) Patrol the Streams

    95+: EU and crazy **** grinding. Remember that secondary toon you made? Yeah, you'll be playing that a lot more now to avoid going crazy on your main.

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  • rohnu#6467 rohnu Posts: 2 New User
    hey which is the best class for no mana cost?
  • jyzero1jyzero1 Posts: 23 Arc User
  • Sure there's guides on youtube/google
  • technoplume3technoplume3 Posts: 82 Arc User
    hey which is the best class for no mana cost?
    Sage venomancer

  • goldfinch47goldfinch47 Posts: 182 Arc User
    Mystic should be renamed to Manastic
  • misannomisanno Posts: 53 Arc User
    heavenfall temple, when you rebirth, is a decent play that wont destroy your gears quickly, (pv) and you can spend 1mil or 20 war avatar orders for maxed atk lvl and attack damage
  • technoplume3technoplume3 Posts: 82 Arc User
    Buy a truck load of slave and make them play your toon at gun point ....
    Seriously ... play the game!
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