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Seeker Glyph Builds!

womack10womack10 Posts: 25 Arc User
edited September 2017 in Seeker
Hey there! I'm Vyrrg as many of you may know from the Da server and I've been wondering about different glyph builds for seekers. Certain skills seem obvious to glyph but I'm also trying to figure out a way to not be pigeon-holed into a certain glyph bonus. I currently have 7 level 6 glyphs on the following skills:

Red-Gemini Slash for the 100% chance to hit on an incredibly hard hitting physical AoE+added damage (used to toy with white glyph for the added slow but the damage seems to be working the best for me)

Red-Stalagstrike/IonSpike I switch between ion spike or stalagstrike glyphed with a red glyph. The stalagstrike hits hard and doesn't miss withe red glyph making it possible to erase LA/AA classes with 5 unmissable phyisical skills within a 6 second Occult ice. I used to glyph Ion Spike with my red glyph for the 80% metal def reduction but the shorter duration hampers your flexibility in playing around Heart of Steel so the unglyphed 25 sec duration seems to be working better for me. Would love your inputs here especially!

White-Wind Blade this seemed like a no-brainer/must have glyph. 100% chance to hit with a 100% chance to reduce defense levels by 20 on a 2 second CD? AMAZING not to mention it also gives 20 chi instead of the 10 chi listed.

White-Gravel Blade As seekers are a ranged class and you cant glyph stalagstrike to not miss+ be able to proc the stun I decided to drop the stun potential completely and use this as a spammable chi gain skill (30 chi per hit) it also doesnt miss and deals extra damage so that at this point most of seekers skills wont miss which helps to keep proccing those defense charms!

Green-Glowing Blade This used to be white for me and I sill white glyph it for PvE for even more insane chi gain, but the updated duration on the 100% chance to apply the status has made this skill an absolute beast! 3 seconds of disarm whenever you'd like is incredible when trying to support your teammates and keep them alive. Arme Neir is still missable which brings in a little bit of chance in proccing the disarm, but I haven't had too many issues on sins even with only 4230 accuracy (full str, 160 dex and all title chains).

White-Edged Blur If you don't have this, I'm not sure what you've been doing.

This build has been incredibly effective for me in terms of killing potential and adding in a decent spammable CC. The 100% disarm once the stance is procced is incredible against tidal as it should take only 2-3 glowing blades to apply the status then you can choose exactly when you want the sin to get disarmed. My only issue with the build is I'm stuck with Martial prowess and as I've basically finished my Serenity at this point, I don't like people being able to deal 15% extra damage on me for free. Anyone have suggestions or glyph secrets they'd like to share that might improve this build?


  • xdragonxxxdragonxx Posts: 39 Arc User
    Ebrithalia here from TI \o/, not sure theres any OP glyph secret to find out but heres my point of view on glyphs atm xD.

    First off for #1 and #2, Argent Wind Blade and Argent Edged blur are just a necessity, no but or if, they just so op like you said, its silly to not use them. Though, if one day lvl 10 glyph become a thing, verdant edged blur might be fun to play with because it will do a total of 750% base damage instead of Argent 500%+ 150% wep damage (lvl 5 value), with just a longer duration of the damage. Could be interesting to see if it pressure more people dealing with a 15 second metal dot spam or a 5 sec dot nuke

    #3: I have Sanguine Ion spike and i consider it a necessity to use because of how high magical defence is slowly becoming. the extra 30% debuff is worth dropping the extra duration because the cd stay at 15 sec, so youre able cycle and debuff their metal defence for 2/3 of the time if you manage chi well constantly. With Heart of steel cd being 30 sec, theres room to play around.

    #4: White gravel blade chi + cannot miss effect is really op for any situation. Been toying around at the moment with Ethereal gravel blade in arena and 1v1s, not sure yet on the worth of it but i would not use it in mass pvp because of how hard it would be to proc the stun.

    #5: Its for now a fill spot honesly, using a Verdant glyph that i switch between Heartseeker for extra chi in mass pvp or Glowing Blade for arena/1v1 for the 100% disarm. The reason i dont use verdant Glowing in mass pvp is because the 3 sec disarm (lvl 5) is not really impactful. Stopping a damage dealer for 3 second will not do much, they'll just step back to easily just buff up or use sage chi skill. the Normal 6 sec disarm would put that DD out of doing anything meaninful for an extra time.

    #6: I prefer Argent gemini slash over Sanguine because the 100% slow is brutal when applied in mass pvp on a caster, it allow a melee to get then locked down or drag them into a danger zone. It can easily force a genie, speed up or leap just for the person to stay safe because they not able to just run in and out of effective range. Sanguine extra 20% wep damage is barely noticeable honestly. Using my stats (840 str and 51k minimum Base p.attack rounded up) to explain a bit the math of it: 840/150 is the str modifier, aka 5.6 which you then add the sage wep mastery of .9 (90% of wep damage) for a total weapon modifier of 6.5
    With that, can do 51k/6.5 to get your weapon damage value, which = 7846~. 20% of that =1569~. Now if we do the math for Argent Gemini slash value off the text only, it would be Base + 560% of wep damage + 8250, aka 51000 + 7846*5.6+8250 which =103187~. Quick like that, the extra 20% (1569) seem to be a fairly small extra.

    When the next expansion come out with Blade affinity and Rewinding gesture glyphs, good chance i will drop glyph #5 off Heartseeker/Glowing Blade and use the slot for the increased Tidal % on Blade affinity. Become such a instacast debuff semi-immunity i dont see the logic of not using it. ILL only bother with rewinding gesture on the 100% crit for some seconds for PVE, dropping the reset effect for Unfetter and Voidstep does not feel Worth it to me.

    As for glyph bonus effect, its doable somewhat if you play around for 2-2-2 to have no set, but you will take 5% from everyone then so its a tradeoff. The dragon might skills effect are not interesting enough to me to be able to use a 2-2-2 setup sadly, lacking the extra buffing/debuffing effects some skills in Tiger and Martial give.
  • womack10womack10 Posts: 25 Arc User
    Hey Ebrithalia! That extra 1.5k damage zerked then crit is another 6k which seems extremely worth it but I understand your logic in mass. (Im in Crisis and really just havent experienced xTW in a while). Honestly I'm just holding out for the 10,000% APS :D /s but seriously the 80% tidal looks suuuper awesome plus the base increase to duration seems already excessive. I'll probably drop my stalagstrike for Blade Affinity. I'm assuming you're also martial prowess then? I've been trying to get to 2-2-2 but I just can't bear to drop any of the martial prowess glyphs.
  • xdragonxxxdragonxx Posts: 39 Arc User
    Martial prowess when in arena/1v1, tiger rage in mass
  • kuglepenkuglepen Posts: 20 Arc User
    i was told to stay away from glowing blade when i upgraded my primal skills but you guys have it glyphed? I heard a lot about certain seeker skills you should stay away from, but I just dont remember the names anymore. Can anybody explain which skills are a no go and others I can upgrade without worry?
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