Life Hunter and APS

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Hello all!
I have a demon 4.0 assassin with simple gear (besides my g16 -0.05 daggers +10). I am saving money to either get a pan gu tome or the demon twin strike book. My doubt is: Is the LIFE HUNTER skill really worth in my case (now)? What would be the real benefits? Should I stick to getting 5.0 aps?
I want to have the g16 gear as well, but I'm not going after it right now. Maybe after I get full defense passives in primal, and it will take two or three months yet.


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    Why do you even think you need 5 aps?

    Life hunter has no cd, and nice dps, what is it about that you think isn't worth it?
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    In most places APS is dead these days. Get Life hunter, as it is one of your main spam skills because it has no CD, and also does solid damage​​
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