What are some great things one can farm as g16 sin?

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    Just saying g16 doesn't really give enough information. You could have 2 sins, both g16, but one with better refines/shards/cards/nuemas/chart/etc. and they would be able to farm vastly different things.

    But ill try to give an answer that hopefully with give some ideas.

    Many things are soloable if you want to spend a lot of time doing it (just as an example I used to farm lunar in low refined aps gear, but it took time because I couldn't really do long pulls).

    But just for a list I'd say the following:
    Twilight Temple (See what level you can solo with whatever gear level you're at. I used to find that with the speed I could solo different levels I would make better profit from 2-3 or 3-2 than I did from 3-3. Also less people sell the mats from those so that occasionally works in your favor)

    FSP coins (Although if your cards aren't good you should use them on A packs to try and get sets)

    Lunar (like I mentioned above might take some time depending on your gear but gold mats and EOD can sell. 3mil opening fee does take away from profits though)

    Nation Wars (You'll likely get beat up in g16, but you can still sell the tokens you do get for a nice profit)

    Cube of fate is fairly easy to farm at any gear level once you get used to it (Sell cogs or make cube necks and sell them)

    Warsong (Sell crafting service/ badges/eoo. Requires a squad unless you solo badge runs)

    Delta (OHT mats/ craft OHT armor and decompose for perfect stones to sell)

    Hope that helps!​​
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