Uncharted Drops

mkat Posts: 74 Arc User
Hey all,

Just curious what squads are doing with drops. Random? Banking?
Any squad seen red mat yet, if so what did squad do with it?
What are the prices of drops on your server?


  • nbreaking
    nbreaking Posts: 607 Arc User
    On Tideswell on the squads we've been in, everything we have over 10 we split, if a number of items is less than 10 then we random. About the prices, haven't gotten around to check them yet :open_mouth:
    About red mats, haven't seen any so far.

    Mr. Justice
  • chary
    chary Posts: 850 Arc User
    Most squads either seem to be randoming everything or banking, splitting evenly what they can, and then randoming the rest.

    Haven't seen any red mats yet though and nada on prices yet.​​