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Farming Sin

krizalidedu3krizalidedu3 Posts: 15 Arc User
edited December 2015 in Assassin
Hello everyone!
I have a T3 archer, but I'm planning on creating a sin in the same account so I could share some gears for me to farm TT (I don't want to spend thousands of $ to buy gold). Would this set be enough for me to solo something (or at least with a cleric on bb)? http://pwcalc.com/746ce4c4ca082159
Is there something I should change in the gear? Is it enough for me to solo some TT?
Please remember that I would not like to spend too much money on this sin, at most 100m or a little more, as my aim is my archer.
And yeah, consider I already have the T3 parts listed.

Best Answers

  • charychary Posts: 850 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    If your aim is your archer, just spend the cash on it instead. g16 Nirv on any class is decent enough to farm with alt cleric bbing/heal+puri macroing so long as you have okay refines (+7 or so). Cards/nuemas/primal passives also help.​​
  • keihan007#7641 keihan007 Posts: 1,190 Arc User
    Accepted Answer
    I would skip the idea of farming sin. There are too many of them, profits from sin friendly farming instances have drastically dropped since I made mine. But the cost of making a decent farming sin is bit high, takes while to farm it back.
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