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solo tower bm style

jabqjabq Posts: 821 Arc User
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I will update this as i do each level and remember to write stuff.

Protector room - attack the ball in the middle as soon as the quest starts. First brown npc - slow skill, low damage. Blue npc - high damage.

set up, first two npc auto activate. First one is slow, next one is dd (auto activated). Next list as @kittyempressa and @capnk said.

Slow (auto activated), DD (auto activated), DD (you activate), DD (you activate), Slow (you activate), DD (you activate), DD (you activate), DD (you activate), Slow (you activate) and so on. This will ensure that the boss dies at later stages. I haven't reached the middle, but we might need to remove one slow and replace with a dd in the middle for the boss to die (not sure yet)

Four wraiths - each one has a different attack.

Fire dude - when you see text on screen that wall of fire is coming, locate the semi transparent crystal, stand behind it from the direction of the fire. Fire does 11k damage to my bm, not sure if it is hp based damage or damage that can be reduced with mag marrow.

Poison dude - agro and take him into a corner, he is easy enough to kill, just that the poison circles are a pain.

Middle (aoe dude) - When he says he is going to do a massive hit, there is a small mystic like plant. If you aoe the boss, the plant will get hit. If you kill the plant before the boss does the aoe, the aoe is cancelled out. I have not tried to time shadowless kick on these bosses.

Pulling dude - i left him to last, he pulls you in and hits 3~4k, very annoying.

Set up, agro the pulling dude and go to the corner. Kill that one first.
Next i went after the poison one, take him to the other corner if possible.
Next aoe kill the middle one.
Leave the fire one for last, have your pdef and mdef charm ready when middle aoe boss does massive blow, the attack is reduced by quite a bit.
Challenge the elements - there are 5 pillars, one of each element. Us bm, we don't do elements, so just have fun with dd. In the 20's floor range, these towers do 300~1k dot damage, use diamond sutra to heal up.

Kill sage esher - Move behind the mystery box, the mobs will come to you. Target the box and aoe, mobs die, pick drops and keep on pushing box to sage esher. Once there, female sage spawn they will have agro, try your best to kill him in that time. If you don't female sage leave, he spawns his own mobs and he goes to town with you. So far i saw IG, aps from him, but the longer he stays alive the more he is to use different skills.

Challenge of the energy - Room with flowers, dragons, imps (couldn't get the quest name) - there are three types of mobs, dragons, flowers, imps.
Dragons - will not run away
Flowers - will not run away
Imps - will run away

Kill the ones closest to the center of the room, no aoe, single target attacks work best here. If you are low on dd power, use the spear or sword skill to push the mob in the circle, when the mob dies (only some part of hp needs to be reduced) they spawn little children. If the children (their own kind) are in the circle it will auto complete. If they are outside of the circle, select them and push them into the circle.

Remember, flower spawns 3 kids, 2 are not required, so select the right one. The 30 second time limit is a bit unnerving.

Challenge of the monk - four mobs spawn from each corner, try to kill as many as possible. I can only manage two. After they reach the middle, the monk spawns. Kill the monk. The boss buffs up, i am sure at later stages this boss will be a major pain to kill. There is a buff on the boss that says can not be purged, not sure if bm weapons would work for purging. If the boss has high hp, mp recovery, aps will be a long long fight.

challenge to the believers - do not aoe here. The person with the yellow, green tt like sword is the one that has to be kept alive, the rest can be killed. Mobs will amp you (hf kind icon), metal dot and bleed, diamond sutra is our friend.

challenge of the portal - glowing ball will appear, stand near the ball, mobs will spawn in the middle. They will come to you, human monk kind can stun you. I normally activate 3~5 balls in a row, aoe stun the mobs, aoe and they die quick.

Wave 1 - physical
Wave 2 - Poison dot, at later levels it kills
Wave 3 - human, physical, stun
wave 4 - physical hit, magic special hit (blazing mobs from uch)
wave 5 - rhino, physical hits
wave 6 - copper king kind, one small poison dot dude
wave 7 - mostly poison folks. Bell, mag marrow, stun, hf, aoe, click on recover health in 30 seconds. Most mobs should be dead at the end of hf, use cloud eruption, triple spark to get rid of poison or use a purify pot from base.
wave 8 - human wave mostly, one tiny poison dot mob
wave 9 - mostly blazing queen folks
wave 10 - rhino mostly, one tiny poison dot here

Buffs, attack 14, pdef 4, mdef 10, hp 0, attack lvl 6, def lvl 6. Farm extra points if you have to, things get hard at later stages.

Challenge of the pilgrim - two kinds of mob spawn, red and brown. You have to 10 kill red mobs. If you kill a brown mob, the count goes down by one. They usually spawn as a pair, so might need to think quick if getting overwhelmed by the brown mobs.

bodhi of grief - this caused me grief, here is how i did him, thanks to the tip from @zoldickun , agro him, when is over a lightning crystal, dd him. When he is about to recover, get one more hit in and run away, make sure you run away from the blue crystals (they heal the boss). Manuver the boss around. When boss does massive destruction hit, just stand back it is a big aoe range, but not too big, 1/2 a room length is more than enough. Took me 5 minutes to get it done, i put all my point in attack. If your hp is below 20k, make sure to hit the 22k mark, if you mess up, he aoe hit is about 18k.​​
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