Territory War recent FPS drop

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So me and other players noticed that in the most recent TWs, the FPS drop in the instance was unbelievable

Before telling me to upgrade hardware,

i am on a i7 4790 - 32gb ram - nvidia 960gtx - dedicated SSD for pwi - win 7

i have never had FPS drop in TWs until the past 2-3 game versions, i was indeed able to record 80vs80 TWs and occasionally stream them in 1080p on twitch egg-15.gif

The weird things are, the FPS drop increases over time during the TW,
you start it 50 FPS, after 30 mins its 20, after 1 hour its 10 FPS

I tried everything no effects simple models etch, none of this helped egg-14.gif


after i leave the instance and i teleport into an empty area that normally would give me 100+ FPS

if i do that after TW's done, i am going to have low FPS in that area (10-15) unless i restart the client egg-39.gif

tech gurus pls what to do?
i have friends that disabled multi-threading and assigned 1 core for PWI-only use, but it didnt help

HALP egg-4.gif​​


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    I'll need more detailed information on your system. A Speccy is good. A drop in FPS is going to be something on your system for sure, most likely it's a software issue and not hardware. I get better on less.

    Side note: Running PWI on a SSD is just wasting your SSD space. You don't benefit long-term performance from a SSD with the client. Initially it will load faster, but after half an hour or so, you'll go right back to the same speed as if you had a 5400RPM platter drive. I've gone as far as testing it on a full dedicated RAM drive, same diff.​​

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