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Hello guys ,

My question is : did other servers got that rediculos amount of SoT and Machetless Wings too from packs ?

On DawnGlory we had like 15 machetless wings pops out ? and 7 SoTs? Hell yesterday night alone was 5 SoT Oo


  • dblazen1
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  • keihan007#7641
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    Etherblade has had Matchless spam, like 5 in last few days, but no SoT spam though.Still I think Dawn got Ether beat on Matchless too if the count is truly like 15 in a week.
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    Then it might be time for me to finally buy one.
  • scruncy
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    i think min . was 15 on dawnglory . i counted like 18 ,haha
  • matthieudoncacci
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    And 2 more SoT on Dawnglory the last 2 hours
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  • eirghan
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    TT got a few too but i cant say it's out of the norm considering population growth and players that have returned to game (even temporarily).