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Uprising : Refonte du système de cosmétique

percemerpercemer Community CoordinatorMember Messages: 6,142 Équipe communautaire
Modifié (juillet 2019) dans Discussions générales

Nous vous invitons à utiliser cette discussion pour publier vos commentaires et signalements de bug concernant la refonte du système de cosmétique.

Traduction du message de Noworries (Lead Systems Designer, Cryptic studios) :

Cette nouvelle extension apporte une nouvelle approche du système de transmutation et de cosmétique. Nous ne voulons volontairement pas trop vous donner de détails au début car nous aimerions savoir s'il y a des zones/boutons/menus qui vous semblent confus.

Merci d'avance pour vos retours, et comme toujours, gardez à l'esprit que tout contenu sur le serveur Preview est encore susceptible d'être modifié !
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  • fleurdecumefleurdecume Neverwinter User Member Messages: 9 Utilisateur Arc
    Le nouveaux système est vraiment cool, je vais pouvoir m'amuser
  • tassedethe13tassedethe13 Roturier Member Messages: 774 Chef de Guilde
    Modifié (juillet 2019)
    Impossible d'ajouter les dagues de rodeurs, valables pour toutes les dagues, à croire que les devs ont oubliés qu'elles existaient.
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  • percemerpercemer Community Coordinator Member Messages: 6,142 Équipe communautaire
    Première réponse de Cryptic :

    uimaven a écrit:
    Hey everyone! Thanks for your comments and I'm glad that you like the new system! I'll try and get all the responses in one huge post here.

    By the way, when I say "next week" in the rest of this, you should read it to mean "next week, God willing and the creek don't rise." I don't want to unilaterally commit our hard-working production team to anything! Also, of course these are just fixes that I personally know about/did/remembered, so improvements are certainly not limited by this list.


    1) Once you convert inventory dye items to library colours, those library colours are unlocked forever for that character and you can use them as many times as you want. Dye bottles will unlock one colour, dye packs will unlock multiple colours. This is per character, but you can give/sell/trade inventory dye items to another character for them to convert.
    2) Dragonborn characters have the visuals on their equipment head slot permanently disabled, but their fashion head slot still works like everyone else's. This has not changed, but the messaging is clearer.
    3) When you add a transmuted item to your Appearance Library, the current transmuted appearance should be added to the library. If anything else is happening, please tell us!

    Fixes for Next Week

    1) The red box to indicate disabled visuals is a placeholder and will be replaced by the real art. Our UI artist has been very busy!
    2) I enabled the equipment waist slot.
    3) I added some text to the confirmation window when you're converting a transmuted item to hopefully make it clearer that you're getting the transmute appearance.
    4) Several of our inventory items use the same costume, so that's where you should see the "this item already exists in the library" message. I fixed the error where it shows that message if the problem is really that it's protected instead.
    5) We've added descriptions to all the library colour items saying the packs they come from.
    6) Inspecting another player will show the other player's info.

    Fixes for "Real Soon Now" (tm) but probably not next week

    1) We're in the process of updating the inventory dye items to say specifically what colours they give.
    2) Previewing equipment won't be overridden by your appearance (or will have an option to use your appearance overrides or not)
    3) I'm adding a menu option to copy all three colours from one item to another with a single click, to let you coordinate your look more easily.
    4) We'll let you add appearance items to your library even when you have visuals disabled for that slot, except for Dragonborn's equipment head slot since that's permanently disabled and I don't want Dragonborn players converting dozens of helmets hoping that the next one will change their appearance.
    Community Manager

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