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  • This is not a bug, all companions can equip three items and three enchants. But they unlock at different levels. What you need to do is wait for the companion tomes to be released so you can upgrade your green ioun stone to a blue ioun stone and level it up to 25 to get the last item slot unlocked.
  • No, because Zen = Money spent (they wouldnt let you keep the AD traded to Zen, just like they didnt let you keep that from BW -> OB). Who cares if a greedy bank gets angry? If people want to do chargebacks they might just do it over this issue anyway so I dont see the issue with it. People do chargebacks all the time for…
  • If you had your thinking cap on you would realise they would just do what they did in the Beta Weekends and refund the Zen spent and not refund the actual money. Not that I think they will do a wipe or actually do anything about this.
  • Its been broken since open beta (and maybe even longer), when you try to unbind a companion you get a message it will cost AD to unbind it. If you accept the AD cost nothing happens, no AD is deducted and the companion stays in the idle slot. Probably not a priority fix since this earns them money because people cant trade…
  • I think he ment he had several tickets that recieved the same reply. Not that he had several tickets regarding the same issue.
  • ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker) would be my guess from that screenshot or something with a similair function. Basically what you do is you save the combat log and import it to the program.
  • Alright, seem like its foundries/dungeons/skirmishes (With dailies attached). Though I dont think skirmishes would be very fast since the queue is so long and its over fast. Unless you get a group to grind them. I'll try to see if foundry quest is decently fast. I've equipped my pet with training runestones so hopefully…
  • Unbinding companions is bugged, so if you use a companion on a character you can not unbind it to trade/sell it.
  • You have something called "Deflect Severity" or something close to that in your character sheet. I'm pretty sure that is refered to as how much damage you avoid. On my GWF it is 50% but on my rogue its only 25%.
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  • Tested it last night, if you have UI scaling set above 1.00 it will cause this. Even at 1.02 it will make the text fly to the right. What makes this bad is that using the default scaling at 2560*1600 resolution make the UI incredibly tiny.
  • No, it will cost diamonds unless they decide to change it. At the moment when you try to unbind a companion you will be asked to accept an AD cost for doing so, its just that accepting the charge does nothing. I just hope them "fixing it" doesnt mean a huge increase in cost for unbinding.
  • Her heal is ranged, her attack is ranged. No need for her to run in close.
  • I tried it at 100% scale before but didnt change anything for me. Though I am not sure if it was just UI scale or font scale.
  • If you dont mean map instance (like from Protectors Enclave #1 to Protectors Enclave #2) but maps (like zoning from Protectors Enclave to Neverdeath Graveyard) its probably because you have on-demand patching enabled. Which means everytime you zone to a place you havent been before it will download the map. You can disable…
  • You cant unbind them at the moment. You can try and it will say that it cost like 5-8K diamonds. But if you accept then absolutely nothing happens. If you want to try to unbind your companion all you have to do is drag it from companion tab off your inventory to an empty inventory slot. If you try to drag an active…
  • I reported this earlier and for those that didnt know the issue I recorded it Nothing have happened since then though, I'm wondering. Are you all using nVidia graphic cards? I have also use UI scaling. A simple test is to just do a skirmish without UI scaling. I'm at work now though so cant test it. edit: Did a skirmish…
  • Is the big chest you are refering to the big chest that you get during dungeon delve event? If so you dont need to collect anything to open it. Its unrelated to the items you collect to place on the altar for the small chests
  • Have to have a founder pack, its part of the deal. That is if you mean greycloak's legacy.
  • Check out the Wikipage for professions, should answer your questions.
  • Epic Cloak tower is pretty much faceroll. But the dungeon after it is harder - at least in a random group. And there are plenty more dungeons then those. Cloak tower is a level 16 introduction dungeon so dont have that many dangerous mechanics. The epic version is the same kind but just scaled up.
  • Not that easy to hide when you have a dagger the shines like a glowstick ;)
  • Then you are not looking hard enough. Not sure if you are trolling..but its called Manycoins Bank if I remember correctly. Just open your map in Protectors Enclave and look on the list to your right until you find it. edit: Saw that you found it, also the numbers are not a good way to tell people where to go since they are…
  • They differ very slightly, really hard to see. The Delzoun weapon looks awesome though. Even though its a bit to flashy.
  • The diamonds are per account, not per shard (server). Besides they will merge the shards soon after launch. Then again if thats a week, month or year I have no clue..just "soon". This is why it would not work if it was per shard. Then I would roll one character per shard and get 6 million AD instead of 2 million AD when…
  • Dont get why people like to argue with the special kind of people that scream OP about everything. I'm guessing he just want attention and try everything he can to provoke people to respond to him. To bad he could not be more original then "rogue op, nerf!"
  • I'm using the cleric and cat. Cleric is capped at rank 15 but doesnt mather much since her heal is percentage based. Also if she dies it doesnt mather at all because when the encounter is over she will automatically rez with full health. I've used man-at-arms and I think he sucks, I have also tried my panther and he is…
  • Icon items are devout cleric weapons. I dont remember if its the mainhand or offhand item that devout cleric use. So just check the red colored items that drop or buy one from the auction house.
  • I used cleric companion (the white one, she dies really fast but you can rez her when you got time and she will toss a heal before she dies again..most of the time), was kind of hard but I never died on it. What daily powers do you use? I used lurkers assault to get longer time in stealth and killed the larger adds first.
  • Thank you! Its not a gamebreaking bug but its kind of annoying,
  • Alright, its not a scaling issue then. Some other things get messed up (like if you set scaling to high you wont even see the character you are creating, the model will be out of the screen) when changing scaling so just wanted to rule that out (I have changed scaling and run at 2560x1600). I hope they fix this but dont…