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  • Nothing really. People don't play Foundry quests because Cryptic doesn't give them reasons to do it. You can try advertising it in the general chat? It would be nice if they at least featured quests again...
  • So Foundry is back... and I'm back to hopefully finish the Bone City quest. If you didn't play it already - Celestial Stairway NW-DLYL9WT6 - still need some love. Will post some updates soon.
  • This quest is getting bigger and bigger ;)
  • Do we have to incorporate the upper levels of the map? Because I focused only on the shore part.
  • For those interested in continuation of this story-line, I'm currently working on part 6 - The Morgue. This is going to be pretty big quest so most likely I'll split it into two parts but we'll see ;) The Morgue is a city inside a mountain and will consist of 4-5 maps. A little preview of what I have so far:
  • Got it. Thanks. I'll take a look at that map.
  • Hi, Sorry for coming in late but can I have a questions about this contest? I'm assuming that this map is supposed to be our own version of drowned shore not recreation of the official one? Are we allowed to make stuff up as long as it agree with - water came, everybody died?
  • Fixed bugs reported by players regarding Keep of Wisdom and Celestial Stairway. Hopefully ;)
  • Hello! Wow, thank you for playing this quest. I'm very sorry that you couldn't progress further (You was in the middle of the quest ;). That wall was supposed to prevent leaving because "bad guys" were supposed to attack you. I was sure though that I placed re spawn point inside that room. I guess I forgot, sorry. Also…
  • Are you guys serious? Just three lousy hairstyles? This is a joke, right? Not even new encounters?
  • Fixed some minor errors. There seems to be some problems with timers I used - nothing major - they might be off second or two. Need some feedback on them.
  • Neither which is a boss just an encounter. Useful but nothing fancy.
  • Just some new details and encounters from recent modules - the usual.
  • I'm not sure what is your point? Are you talking about some kind of book about Baldur's Gate?
  • Sooooo... I published the wrong one. It had a invisible wall blocking objective. It's fixed now. Sorry for that.
  • Celestial Stairway - NW-DLYL9WT6 In order to stop the Wizards and their masters our heroes must join forces with former leader of the Followers – Vhera. Together they need to pass through the enemy encampment and enter the portal leading to the Celestial Stairway – a path used by gods to enter other planes. But can they…
  • All maps are done! Yey! I'm actually glad I deleted my previous version ;) I'm really proud of the new ones. Hope that people will like what I'm doing in them too. Will see. Writing dialogues and polishing things now. Got Sunday free so hopefully will get this done.
  • Celestial Stairway under (de)construction ;) Should finish chapter 5 this week. Also... we can't change title of our threads? Wish I knew that earlier.
  • Small update on chapter 5. 2 out of 5 maps remade! The ones that are the most annoying to made as I give the player a choice whether to just kill everything or disguise themselves and avoid fighting. And now to remake the skymap - people will hate me ;)
  • No need to apologize. It's actually a good thing that you brought this up. You are the first person who told me that there are some problems with understanding the story. That's pretty big deal. Something I need to work on. I don't think there is a point in replaying Watcher's Grounds. I won't be able to fix dialogues. It…
  • Great reads as always. Thanks for playing Watcher's Ground. Terrible English - god I'm getting worse at this ;) Was this the only problem? I must ask the person who helps me with Tale from Baldur's Gate if he could translate this quest too. Sharandar's Defense had better English that's odd? Plot was indeed straightforward…
  • Thanks. I'm pretty proud of this map (and was on it's previous look). The idea it that you climb up a waterfall (no jumping puzzle don't worry people, thought there is one for side quest ;)) and walk around the mountain and then through a cave. Should work pretty well.
  • After releasing Watcher's Grounds I got back to rebuilding my deleted quest. It's work in progress but I managed to mostly recreate the map I was most annoyed when it was gone. It's different than before but close enough to make e happy ;) Here's a little preview. There is still a lot of work to do before I finish this…
  • I wouldn't get my hopes up ;) It's a bit more dialogue driven (I think at least) and less straightforward than Defense. No skymaps though so maybe people won't be complaining about loot falling down ;) Also I limited party members for you - as I'm pretty sure you and Kasul will be the only ones playing it ;) I do wonder…
  • Not yet. Finishing dialogues. Should by up tomorrow or maybe even later today. I'll make a thread when it's up.
  • I tried to rebuild the quest. Didn't work ;/ Everything was just not looking good. Need to rethink it. But in the mean time I decided to finish some other quest. A continuation to my Sharandar's Defense quest for the Cult Foundry contest. Maybe those five people who payed Defense will like it ;) Really like the maps I made.
  • Got it. Honestly I thought my English was better ;) Oh well... got help with that now. I created this quest mainly for myself - I missed party based D&D games - so I made a substitute. Good thing you actually liked the story (what you could understand;)) Party is integral to the rest of the quest but I'm pretty sure they…
  • Yey! My quest got reviewed ;) Annoying party? Ohhh... Vixx will be sad ;) I thought at first that you didn't like the knock-back they are doing but it seems you didn't like the characters. English was that bad? Good thing that I now have someone to help me with that. One of the players offered to help me with translation.…
  • Sadly support can't do anything about Foundry inquires. Campaign is on hiatus. For how long I don't now. Stupid day.
  • Just sent support ticked and a message to Akromatik. If there is nothing they can do I'm taking a long break. God I'm stupid!