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  • My honest hope is that the developers and producers for NWO heed the lessons of Magic The Gathering, Legends. Which is, please stop pushing changes the players aren't asking for. Focus on MORE CONTENT. Not removing content. Publish and MAKE PUBLIC a plan to get players returning to the game. 2500 or less concurrent players…
  • @kreatyve - The question here. Is the development team seeing the posts and feedback in the forums? You have players who are concerned about little to no stamina regen and the reason why they chosen to no longer tank. Can we get this relayed up to the Dev team? that would be a good start...
  • @nitocris83 - does it normally take almost a week for Sony to validate update or patch release? Do they use a different process for what's considered an "emergency" release? Just curious. Thanks, I'm certain theirs some type of internal Sony validation and then deployment/replication thru they sony farms. The release on…
  • @nitocris83 - Game is dying on application launch error CE-38700-8. Wife and I have 2 ps4s, updated both and game fails with same error on both. Tried standard reset, tried database reset. Standard PS4 slims, no modifications, drive swaps.
  • Entire party blue screened roughly 6 minutes into Trial. Blue screened 3 times in a row. This needs to be addressed ASAP.
  • It could be that players who feel "entitled" to have higher dps due to their item level are getting their feelers hurt when they dont out DPS a 50k player who has spent more time adjusting their character around their active companion. The game shouldn't just "only" be about your item level. That's just a score for…
  • As i always say, vote with your wallet, vote with your time. I can tell you this. In large alliances i've never seen lower numbers in reference to logins. This is ps4. I know theirs usually a lul before mods and updates but its fairly low. If folks aren't happy it doesn't matter the reason for the change. Rationalize it…
  • In my mind, the missions to bridge old and new or to introduce new players should be a requirement for release. Not optional
  • Harley, did you ever get your watcher weapon? I know some still hang in Yawning asking for watcher runs. You may also want to join the ps4 groups on Facebook, which are not associated to the forums but have many members and active guilds who can help. FB seems way more active than the forums which is why I suggested…
  • On November 12th i pulled a legendary account War Triceratops from the end chest in Lomm. I honestly couldn't believe it. It was right upon opening, not a reroll. If you are looking at the exit portal its the chest to the right of the portal. Anyway it was a weird week last week. I pulled a purple owl bear as well and a…
  • Dear Dev Team, The Dungeon Loot tables are very off. How do i come to this conclusion? My wife and I play daily. Last week we clocked 20 dungeons each including trials. So between us that's 40. Not one mount (even green), not one companion (even green). Please do not say this is why we are revamping dungeon loot. Something…
  • That's what I figured. Thanks plasticbat
  • can tell you from the crash test dummies in Protectors the trex made almost zero difference in my numbers over a 10 seonds rotation. Granted im on PS4 so i only have the log tab to look at and track via writing down
  • We use divine palisade with shield, meaning the Paladin exits the tower phase about 6 seconds early to phase triobrand, hit r1 first to active DIVINE, then R3 (click down on stick) for shield. Then you will notice a small yellow shield up glowing and a small cone behind the shield which everyone stacks which shields the…
  • What type of rotations are you using with Tenebrous to make sure it procs every chance it gets? Example: For Warlocks, and lord knows we need all the help we can get in our current state, do we slot blades for a lawnmower style build to get it to proc every chance it gets? Is it even worth it to stack? I mean an extra…
  • NPNM seems to be back to functioning properly. The close proximity for Ranged class is an issue and a video was even recently released on youtube. I hear this is being remedied in Mod17 out to 80 feet. Thanks!
  • Also add the Watcher set doesn't even seem to be preferred by most DPS players. At best it may be a decent "alternative" for support classes like DC's or Paladins. I wouldn't sweat this equipment. Run it for a challenge from time to time. The bosses are fun and you will burn some scrolls. Get lucky and maybe get an elite…
  • @"vigilante#2764" - I think the update process probably needs to just be updated to reflect the requirement that patch notes must be complete and ready (to post) before the actual update can be approved by whatever process that's required for the Ps4 release approval. Its a simple gate. If notes not complete and ready, the…
  • Active and recruiting! Small Friendly Alliance
  • and yes I check the combat logs and also see no "notation" of CA related damage.
  • I am on ps4, level 80. I have 3 loadouts for Warlock. I am unable to change between them at the fire in any location. Will not allow me to change at all. I used to have loudouts for aoe, boss and temp. I simply want to configure each again and it wont change. Please assist. Thanks!
  • I have to chime in as well. Wife and I ran x2 tales to get the hang of this dungeon and ZERO trinkets of old. We should have had at least 40 or more. opened all chest... this is full on ***BUNK***. What a waste.
  • If Arc/Cryptic feel they have profited as much as they can with the current player base, maybe it's the intent to drive away more than 80 percent of the old player base and gamble in the hopes of recruiting a new one? Maybe that's literally a line item on a power point (stated more elegantly). Flush old, gain new (and new…
  • Curious how many active players are in this guild/alliance? My wife and I have many level 70 characters but focus on Tank / AC/DO and SW/CW. (Above 15k with boons) I'm thinking of transitioning to a new guild from our current to find a more active guild. Current guild has less than 10 people active on any given day. Thanks!
  • @"trzebiat#2067" and @"mebengalsfan#9264" - for a CW which currently runs the Dead set (barovian), is it worth paying roughly 1.2 mill AD to get the MC set to prep for additional recovery or is it better to go with the usual Orcus boring set? Thanks again for all the healthy discussion and guides. Nice to see the CW forums…
  • Thank you for the response. Very appreciated!
  • Thanks for posting this!