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  • If that's true it's just another reason to drop this rather mediocre game. The zen shop is probably reason enough though.
  • Anyone have screenshots of the various drow faces in the character customization? :)
  • Lock boxes? Seriously? I certainly hope there are other ways of getting trade bars then bloody lock boxes. I hate those things.
  • What cat is this and where/how do you get it? :)
  • I never get emails from Cryptic/PWE. Not sure what's wrong. It's not in my spam box either. I've gotten in the beta so I'm in the system but it seems not for emails.
  • It's far more instanced than GW2. It has the same thing like GW2 in that you you through gates to get to a new zone and have to go through a loading screen. However, it's more instanced because many of the quests you actually receive send you into these instanced little zones. I suppose you can compare it to GW2 personal…
  • I love the B2P model personally. And if it encourages them to nickle and dime less with cash shops that's even better. The problem with F2P is there always the great temptation to do horrid things with the cash shop. Just look at PWE's other games. I feel B2P games have less pressure with that and therefore have more…
  • The only reason I'd be a bit annoyed at them selling stuff in the shop after isn't because of exclusivity. It's because I'd feel kind of taken advantage of. If I had known the stuff would be sold in the shop maybe I wouldn't have forked over $200 and would have waited. All hypothetically that is (haven't bought a pack). So…
  • Oh so maybe I won't give up on the control wizard afterall. I was pretty frustrated at the lack of control of the class. I felt like I was attacking and teleporting all over the place because the control was so bad there was little point to using it. I expect to teleport a bit, but the constant…
  • Rogue by far. It was just a ton of fun. Love the way their combat feels and love their dailies. I still have mixed feelings about my control wizard, but I will keep trying it. Though there is a good chance I will give up on it and just wait for the warlock. I disliked cleric greatly due to the lack of burst healing and the…