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  • demo is pretty easy. just have to learn to dodge and take a potion or 2. i see dps (floor tanks) still try to hit demo in his invuleralbility mode, who does that? stay out of the red glass cannons and let the ppl built for it do thier jobs. this is not mario carts.
  • i was speaking english, my friend would not do it/ tanks have a bound and i trust him, it was not the same thing repeated either. but it was in zone chat. sometimes i do not like being famous, because infamy comes with it. i get silenced alot for what i might think is no big deal. thank you all for your kind response.
  • i am an optimist, the game has evolved wonderfully. my compliments to the DEVs and highly to the artists of the game, great attention to detail. as an artist for more than 60 years of my life your work does not go un-noticed. thank you all for what you do.
  • hi, i am a selfhealing tank, i do not hit very hard unless i take buffpotions, but i can hit all day long, i also let xuna help me. i love my tank, no other comes close, as i pick up big happy feet dps jumping into battle trying to take my aggro in death./ LOL
  • Wickid here again, im over 27k as of 1/23/20. been playing since 2013. ive seen a lot of people complaining. well, I never saw any rose gardens being promised. dragon run is team play, the prizes are set for the level, its not about level, its not about gear. I have ran dragon run with friends for 7 years. that's what it…
  • we now have a DragonRunners chat channel, find [email protected] ask for inv. if you want ADMIN rights please ask. I will gladly promote you in the chat channel.
  • Again, it's not about prizes, go do LOMM. It's about friends and having fun. Now, onto the scaling issues. Mod 17 scaling in WOD is over. Even when it was we couldn't kill one dragon in 10 minutes. But I was brought up differently. I never give up, I didn't smack on cryptic all over the internet and threaten to quit the…
  • oh heck, now I see what a hamster is, im sorry will not happen again.
  • so many people complain about this game yet they are still playing it or trying to get other people to quit. thank god all my life I have never been a sheep (follower). every game people are going to HAMSTER, about prices at Walmart, their spouse. I think it is very American to be a little HAMSTER. go HAMSTER about another…
  • I am a tank, not much on dps. the snake was easy if I jumped om top of him and dug in when he sprayed his poison, on the gladiator, with the dragon, I took my dragon potion and dragon scroll from well of dragons and sure made that a little easier as well. WickiD
  • dragon run. its not about the rewards. its about friendship and fun. I am little wicked one (wickid), I have hosted more dragon runs than I dare remember. its about the speed, its about waiting for that first dragon to fall, the anticipation, the cooperation of members of different countries, no prejudice of race, color or…
  • > @athena#9205 said: > One of the more frustrating things i've noticed in TR is that Stealth gets depleted with at wills, even though the tool-tip says otherwise: > > --------------------------------------------- > Stealth > Mechanic > personal > > Press 'Tab' to enter Stealth, allowing you to move undetected for a short…
  • I am little wicked one, I hang in WOD, a dragon runner, let me know I saw your post, I will try to help you, I have others who might assist as well. Ty for your post.
  • What a great idea you have there.
  • Hi, little wicked one here, I call WOD my home. I used to have graphics issues around mod 10 era. Not now. The issue I have is disconnect issues. During a dragon run when 30 plus dragon runners are jumping to the next zone, to get another 5 dragons, I get disconnected. I'm sad for all here with disconnect issues but I'm…
  • I'm on vacation atm. But I indeed do 10 dragon runs a day. I love WOD, and have met alot of friends there. Please anytime, I return around the 22nd of july. Dragon runners unite.
  • > @peaceful1982 said: > Can anyone tell me who the best tank is & a good recent build please I play my toon the 'best' I can play it. Everyone asks for the best, until I find a toon who never dies and plays all by itself, I will stick to what I believe in, not others. I try to be a leader not sheep.
  • T shirts for everyone........
  • You guys are awesome. I really miss not being there. Thank you so much for your response. Peace.
  • I am little wicked one, one will see me in WOD a lot. I really love this game, it helps me to be away from all the complaining and belly aching in the outside world. this is where countries can come together and play a video game without politics, without bias, without judgment. I may get a chuckle from some there, but we…