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  • I am very pleased that Brash Strike will be updated, but there is one problem. I understand that you were trying to come up with something new, but the Brash Strike animation is just awful. I will not be able to use Brash Strike without pain and disgust, even if he destroys bosses with one hit. Maybe while there is time,…
  • In all this in what? In all abilities? And how all abilities, except maybe a pair of abilities, confirm that this is a barbarian? From the barbarian, I see only the Expendability. This is an MMO, not a targeted MMO, and therefore here it is played like that and functions that way. And the classes here are made up of two…
  • Why exactly a barbarian? Tired of the fact that in most MMO games, classes with two-handed weapons are most often called barbarians or berserks. In this game we were a warrior, and I liked it, I liked that in this respect the game was original in its own way. Yes, this class was a cross between a barbarian and a warrior,…
  • "Companions that teleport behind enemies will no longer teleport behind the Dragon Turtle in Sea of Moving Ice. This affects the following companions: Blink Dog, Mercenary, Owl, Phase Spider, Shadow Demon, Xuna" - This is good, but why is nothing said about Arania? She's not teleported, she's just transformed into a spider…
  • Yes, I heard that other companions also die. The demon never used, so I did not know about this and this too must be solved. But Aranea does not teleport, she just turns into a spider and dies.
  • I heard that in M11 at magic stones in weapons (fire, lightning, etc.) Will take effect modifier damage. Will work on modifiers Lostmauth's set bonuses (again), set the Black Ice and Dragon Empire, thus making the sets more or less urgent and thus diversifying the range of sets for each class?